pühapäev, 12. august 2018

Sunday 12 august 2018

Well this was practically our last day here and we were all kind of sad about it. However it was an amazing day. First every group had to finish its film and then we put them all together and made the final movie. We stayed all day at the Weinmeisterhaus where we ate our lunch and dinner. Everyone was a little bit stressed because we had not enough time and our project should be ready. The good part was that for dinner we had pizza and we also had a spontaneous little part. In the end we all managed to finish our films on time and after that we watched all together the final movie. Then we returned to the hostel and that’s how our day ended.

und so hat der Tag dann auch geendet Heute war leider schon der letzte Tag und wir waren alle ein bisschen traurig darueber. Die Zeit ist viel zu schnell vorbeigegangen. Trotzdem hatten wir einen wunderschoenen Tag. Zuerst hat jede Gruppe ihren Film fertig bearbeitet und dann wurden alle zusammengefuegt. Wir waren heute den ganzen Tag im Weinmeisterhaus. Dort haben wir dann auch zu Mittag und Abend gegessen. Jeder stand ein bisschen unter Zeitdruck, wir wollten ja, dass der Film fertig wird. Mit der beste Teil des Tages war, dass es Pizza zum Abendessen gab und eine kleine spontane Party. Am Ende haben wir es alle geschafft die Filme fertig zu schneiden und konnten dann den ganzen Film anschauen. Danach sind wir zum Hostel zurueckgekehrt.

Andy, Anni and Penelopi

Samstag, 11. August

Today was a day full of things to do. The movies should be finished by Sunday, hence each group had to film, edit and adapt the script based on the time they had to utilize their ideas. All teams made great progress and tomorrow will be dedicated to putting the final touches to the movies. Despite the fact that many tasks had to be done, we had much fun because afterwards the Greek and German team went to Alexanderplatz while the Estonian group was in the German Bundestag.

Ergina Georgiou

laupäev, 11. august 2018

 Freitag, 10. August

Today was a very interesting day. We woke up and had a very delicious breakfast. Afterwards we went to the Weinmeisterhaus, where we started filming our films. The groups were split and everyone worked on their own project. Filming was oftentimes fun, a lot of unexpected stuff happened during acting. We had lunch at 13.30.    After lunch we had a bit of free time to look around the neighbourhood. We continued the filmmaking.  Everyone spent time with their groups, finding the best places for shootin g(our movies). At 20.00 we had our (yummy) dinner. People from Greece had planned for us a game called “musical chairs”. Also they made tzatziki, which was very tasty.

                                                                                                        Kristiina, Oskar and Benny :)

reede, 10. august 2018

Donnerstag 9. August 2018

Donnerstag, 9. August

Today was a pretty enjoyable day. Firstly, we started our day at 8 o’ clock in the morning, we had our breakfast just like everyday (even if we have only been there for 2 days) and then we went to the Weinmeisterhaus. We casually went to the train station and hopped on a train, and after 3 stations we finally reached our destination.
The weather in Germany is extraordinarily hot and I’ll be honest with you, we were kinda suffering but it was pretty much manageable. So, we started to work with our groups. Every group consisted of a cameraman, a director, a script writer, an editor and an actor, but since we were running low on people, some overtook more than one role.
After some preparations, we took a break and visited the “Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung”, where one of the employees lectured us on the political issues going on in Germany and even gave us a brief, yet detailed explanation of Hitler’s influence and how he exactly affected the nation. After that, we went to a restaurant and enjoyed a very fine meal- we had three choices- we could enjoy either a vegan meal, a vegeterian meal or a meal that contained meat. All three of these meals were equally delicious! Then, after enjoying a delicious desert and then we went back to the Weinmeisterhaus and continued working on our projects.
Mr. Friedrich presented random films to us and provided us with a bunch of references that helped us be more efficient. We also presented our own individual ideas and held lengthy, productive discussions about them. After a few hours of work, we ate some pizzas, we got to know each other even more and played some Estonian games.
Finally, we watched a few films that were created by the groups that participated in that project over the last years and we watched films like a horror film, which was actually way more comedic in my honest opinion and then headed back to the hostel.

اليوم كان كتير حلو, بلشنا بالفطور كالعادة, بعدين طلعنا بالقطار ورحنا عالفاين ماستر هاوس.
بلشنا تجهيزات الفلم, تقسمنا لمجموعات وكل مجموعة عرضت افكارها,طبعاً كانت المناقشة كتير حلوة لانو نحن قدرنا نختار افكارنا ونحسنا.
بعدين رحنا عالمطعم اكلنا وكان الاكل طيب ومناسب للكل. لما رجعنا لعبنا مع رفقاتنا الاستونيين العاب كتير حلوة وقدرنا نتعرف عبعض اكتر.

رجعنا عالاوتيل تقريبا عالعشرة وكنا كتير تعبانين بس كان الجو كتير حلو.


                                                                                                                                                Panos, Annaliisa and Nour :)

kolmapäev, 8. august 2018

Mittwoch 8.August 2018

Der Tag begann mit dem Genussverkeln unseres Frühstücks, um uns zu stärken für den Weg zum Weinmeisterhaus. Nach dem weg von ca. 40 minuten, hatten wir unseren ersten Workshop. Einer von 2 weiteren des Tages. Nachdem wir in 4 verschiedene Gruppen aufgeteilt und in unsere aufgabenbereiche beim filmen geteilt wurden, bekamen wir etwas Übung für unseren individuellen Arbeitsbereich, um uns auf den morgigen Dreh vorzubereiten. Mittag aßen wir in dem umliegenden Kaffe Seidenfaden. Nachdem alle Workshops absolviert waren, ging es per Nahverkehr zurück zur Herberge, wo auch schon das Abendessen bereit stand. Zur krönung des Abends gab es eine Zaubershow des Oskar.

Matthias, Emmanouela, Tiina, GregorJ